Therma-Tru Introduces DOOR DO-OVER WEEK

Therma-Tru Corp. will launch a “Door Do-Over Week” the first week of August. The annual event launch is scheduled for August 3-9, 2014 and focuses on helping homeowners evaluate their current doors, learn more about door aesthetics and components, and providing valuable information on making door purchase decisions.


Door Do-Over Week coincides with National Curb Appeal Month in August. “We want homeowners to remember that having a good-looking front entry door has a positive impact on the overall curb appeal of the home,” according to Therma-Tru, North America's most preferred door. “Whether it’s a woodgrain entry door or a painted door, the entry is the key welcoming trademark of every house.”

One of the key tools Therma-Tru makes available (for free!) is the DOORWAYS TM APP

  "The DoorWays App is the first U.S. configurable entry door visualization tool available from the App Store," says Brad Johnson, vice president of marketing at Therma-Tru Corp. "This app sports built-in features that allow users to select and configure a new door, take a picture of the home, 'try' the door on the home visually before committing to the door purchase, and then find a dealer in the area where the door can be purchased."

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