If you or your customers are looking for detailed photographs of Therma-Tru products, or high-definition location photos or an unusual application of one of Therm-Tru's designs, well . . . we've GOT 'EM!

A complete volume of the 19,648 images found on Therma-Tru's 2014 Marketing support document has just been uploaded and imagery is available for the asking! Many of these doors are stocked at Alliance Door Products branches in Portland and Spokane.

We'll post a few samples here, on Pinterest and Houzz for you to browse and be inspired!

The Classic-Craft Rustic Collection, commonly available in solid doors in the radius-topped CCR205 3'0" X 6/8" and the CCR8205 in 3'0" & 3'6" X 8'0". A look that shares design roots with plank doors found in interior passage doors (like Lynden Door's Cashal molded door or a Simpson Door stile & rail product) and many overhead garage door models.









Here is a dramatic photo of a modernist home with a classic PULSE Ari in Chinchilla obscure glass. This popular Mid2Mod look available in models: S2XJ | S2XC | S2XN | S2CL (Low-E Clear Glass) | S83XJ | S83XC | S83XN | S83CL.

Mix one of the FOUR Pulse styles . . . wood-grained (mahogany or oak) or smooth fiberglass . . . one of eight glass types (including Internal Blinds) and mix-and-match with sidelites to create a unique example of Pulse's 




Have a project calling for a GRILL BETWEEN GLASS door? Therma-Tru has this striking and practical GBG feature. Surface-mounted Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) are also available.

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