Craftsman Molded Interior Door - by Lynden Door

Lynden Door Craftsman Available in the USA       

The new Craftsman molded door is the latest model available from Lynden Door. Complete with *built-in* added value (like thicker top & btm rails for easy job site trimming and models available in hollow, solid and 20-minute versions) the Craftsman replaces the Crossmore, which will be phased out during the summer of 2014.

The new model had an initial "soft launch" in the Midwest USA in April of this year and now that production outputs have been increased, the door is being made available to west coast USA customers with Canadian distribution following soon (August 2014). See the informative summary presentation found on the Lynden Door | Alliance Door Products SlideShare site

The Craftsman webpage is up on the Lynden Door website now: hit "refresh" if it is not showing on your browser yet) and sell sheets are available. The Craftsman is already included in the latest edition of the Lynden Door Residential Brochure. See the Craftsman board on the Lynden Door Pinterest page. or on Houzz:



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