Mid2Mod 101

Mid2Mod is a popular new brochure published by Alliance Door Products. It is popular because it is on-trend for a design genre that has quietly gained a widespread, enthusiastic following.

But wait a minute!  What is Mid2Mod anyway? For Alliance Door Products, Mid2Mod is the collective name we've given to the entire spectrum of modernist influenced designs common in the USA and Canada (and around the world). The Mid2Mod grouping "starts" with the Mid-Century Modern look that began in the 1930's and carried through into the sixties. Mid-Century Modernism reflected advances in building materials and the look featured bold colors; simple, rectilinear shapes; and the prominent use of natural products like wood and stone. Mid-Century Modern, or MCM, incorporated distinctively Modern design, especially Danish influenced furniture & architecture with simple, clean shapes and rich wood finishes in teak and mahogany. Older TV shows like "The Brady Bunch" and a newer program, "Madmen", are good showcases for the distinctive MCM look.

Like or leave it, Mid-Century Modernism had a heavy influence on design, architecture and urban development.  A lot of houses were built in the post-war, mid-century boom and it is that large inventory of homes and buildings that provide the fuel for the MCM movement today. See this 1:51 video trailer about the Westlake neighborhood in San Francisco to get a real feel for the MCM movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7vYXxNd2lc. If you want the full meal deal (56:17) - try this tonight: "Clean Lines, Open Spaces: A View of Mid-Century Modern Architecture"   
Learn more at http://www.aetn.org/midcenturymodern

See our Pinterest board or Houzz presentation for examples of how DOORS fit into modernism.

Visit the leading MCM blog, Retro Renovation to see what design aficianados are saying, including great articles on the Therma-Tru PULSE and Simpson Door's Contemporary Collection.


MCM entry doors often are painted exuberant colors and feature square, rectangular or "diamond" doorlite arrangements. Distinctively Modern (21st Century Modern) entries tend more towards dominant vertical or horizontal lines. See the Simpson door palette, below.

Mid-Century and distinctively Modern form the core styles for our Mid2Mod doors, but Mid2Mod is also relevant to "retro" (retrospective) lovers who design around the period, mixing authentic artifacts like an Eames chair or an Atomic Ball clock (below) with new products like Therma-Tru Pulse doors.

Similarly, designers talk about "Eclectically Chic" as a design style that blends iconic features from MCM, mixing liberally with elements from a wider array of design trends.

Finally, Mid2Mod offers great choices for the milder stylings of Contemporary design - modern with a slightly muted appearance. (See below: the Binning Tower, Wesbrook, BC for a good example - complete with Madison doors!)

So, Mid2Mod doors suit decor, from Mid-Century to Modern, and everything inbetween.

See this Door & Window Market magazine article online to see the INFLUENCE Mid2Mod is having in the door marketplace (page 40):














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