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Create a bold, modern look.

Lynden Door is pleased to announce the launch - or more accurately the re-launch - of the StileLine®.

The excitement of European styling with an opposing grain in three attractive species: African mahogany, white maple and white oak.

StileLine® is a flush door with horizontal grain and a 6" wide vertical segment on the lock stile edge of each face. It is from this opposing grain strip that StileLine® takes its name.

"In the past, we have carried a 'StileLine' flush door with two vertical segments sketched into the face. This was a successful product, but by going to a single vertical strip, we have more size versatility and this allows us to deliver an even stronger value proposition," states Lynden Door Sales Director, David Plenkovich.





In addition to the three StileLine® models, Lynden Door can also offer sketchface skins in a single lock stile pattern under the Rhytmus model from the Rediscovery Collection. Any specie that is available in a sketchface can be ordered in a Rhytmus.

"StileLine®, however, by constraining to a set of finite cuts/specie combinations has the advantage of a popular price point and fast delivery," Plenkovich adds.

"It's a bold, modern look that has a European flavor and CARB* compliant skins. Adding our optional transparent factory finish provides lustre and protection, but NO VOCs*." 
* Please see the GreenDoor Glossary

"Designers are enthusiastic about the ability to align the StileLine® models with other wood decor: furniture, trim and cabinets, for example. We believe it is a design whose time has come and we aim to be aggressive with this product - a door design that is unique in the North American marketplace as an inventoried flush door model!"

StileLine® doors may be ordered as follows: 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" thick 6'8", 7'0", 8'0" sizes, up to 3’0” widths in hollow core, drop-in wood particleboard core or bonded/sanded cores in the IC Series. Also, available in optional 20 minute fire rated. Standard softwood edges or optional matching hardwood.

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