Canada's Most Popular Residential Door

Moulded panel doors have become extremely popular because of their attractive appearance, popular pricing, variety of designs and uniquely stable and reliable performance. Doors are available in either a textured or a smooth finish. Passage and bifold doors may be ordered hollow core or solid and may provide a 20-minute fire rating.


Made by Lynden Door, the moulded doors carried by Alliance may be purchased as simple slabs with factory primer or they may be ordered with factory paint. Colonist models are available factory stained. Doors may also be ordered machined, or for the ultimate in convenience and single-source consistency, Alliance Door can professionally hang the doors in frames, ready to install.

The wood fiber used in moulded high density fiberboard is certified to contain 35% pre-consumer recycled materials.

In addition, Lynden Door moulded door facings are certified to contain NO urea formaldehyde. (See attached.)

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The new Madison is one of the doors featured in Alliance Door Products Mid2Mod brochure. This trendspotting 16-page booklet identifies interior & exterior doors that are the perfect choice for Mid-Century to Modern decors. See the PDF, attached below. The brochure contains doors from Lynden Door (Madison & StileLine) as well as Therma-Tru and Simpson Door Company.