Flush Laminates & Custom Designs

L-R - Hollow Core, Particle Core, Particle Core (Lead Lined), Agfiber Core, Stave Core, SCL Core, Mineral Core.

Flush wood veneer, flush custom and flush laminated doors offer a variety of cores. Custom and laminate doors are found in both residential and commercial/architectural applications in standard 1-3/8"  or 1-3/4" thickness.

The outer surfaces of custom door slabs may be clad with a wood veneer - often in a more unique species; a combination of species; or composed in a pattern ("sketchface"). These doors are found most frequently in high-end residential applications or in architectural settings. Please see the Faces and Cores section of the attached Lynden Door Architectural/Commercial Product Guide for more images and model descriptions.

Laminated doors are similar, but feature high density laminates on the door face and edges. Designers and architects often choose laminates because of the uniformity of the material. Every door wiil look identical. This removes some of the work involved in matching natural veneer doors.

Additionally, laminate surfaces are not as porous as veneers and are seen as a preferable material for institutional use where microbial infestation and other health-related issues are part of the decision-making process for doors.

Like moulded and flush wood doors, Alliance Door Products distribution centres carry the superb line of laminate doors produced by Lynden Door. Both smooth and embossed surfaces are available, depending on the decor and the make of laminate specified. Lynden Door has excellent relations with all major North American laminate makers.